Presentations at Stratford Council

Grand Knight, Our Lady of Assumption Council 6899 Stratford, Ian McIsaac shown here presenting certificates as “Knights of  the Year” to Brothers Leo Gallant and Norman Leclair for their work in raising money for the church by hosting  very successful monthly Ceilidhs.

Grand Knight Ian McIssac presenting Brother Louis MacDonald with a certificate for his 22 years of service as Financial Secretary in our Council, keeping the membership, council protocol, and by-laws up to date. He also served the community by becoming involved in the “Friends of St. Andrew” and dedicated  a lot of time to their cause.

One thought on “Presentations at Stratford Council”

  1. Brother Knights, congratulations on your well earned recognition. I have heard much about the Calleigh’s that you have been hosting. It is also great to see the Assumption Council back on the map. I guess one should thank Brother Louis for his untiring efforts in keeping everything on the up and up for the past 22 years. An awesome example of commitment. Well done all and to the Grand Knight.

    Dan Miller, District Master, 4th Degree PEI


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