Kensington Basketball Free Throw Championship

Kensington area boys and girls ages 9 to 14 recently participated at the council level of the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship.

The competition was held during lunch periods at Queen Elizabeth Elementary School and Kensington Intermediate Senior High. Each contestant attempted 15 free throws, with any ties settled by successive rounds of five free throws per contestant until a winner emerged.

Winners of the Kensington council #12465 championship are as follows:

Age                 Girls Champion          

9                      Leah Doucette           

10                    Kayleigh MacNevin               

11                    Jadalyn MacKay

14                    Hannah Peters

Age                 Boys Champion         

9                      Hudson Gill                            

10                    Jamieson MacKay                 

11                    Gus Perry                   

13                    Dominic Hearn                      

14                    Fulton Weeks                    

From left to right: Carl Gallant KofC, Bill Munro, KofC, Hudson Gill, Jadalyn MacKay, Leah Doucette, Gus Perry, Paul Cyr KofC, Kayleigh MacNevin, Renata Wigmore – QEES Athletic Director

The Knights of Columbus congratulate all the participants who “stepped up to the line” and encourages all Kensington area youngsters ages 8 to 13 to continue working on their Free Throw shooting skills for next year’s championship.  

All participants with three of the Knights of Columbus.

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