We are all aware of the impact that COVID 19 has had on every segment of society. 

This pandemic has forced us all to adapt, some of it with difficulty and a certain amount of hesitation. 

However, the ability to adapt was on show today as I had the privilege to welcome 17 Brother Knights into the 4th Degree. 

This was accomplished utilizing a virtual ceremony hosted by the District Master of New Brunswick and included Knights from both Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. 

Our group here on the Island was divided into 2 groups, one located in Charlottetown and the other in Tignish. 

My thanks to our guests, State Deputy SK Mike White, and Past Vice Supreme Master SK Ralph Dunn for your presence. 

Also, to Faithful Navigator SK Roger Burke of Belcourt Assembly here in Charlottetown and Faithful Navigator

SK Louis Shea of MacEachern Assembly in Tignish for your commitment and dedication to our Order.  

To my Worthy Marshall SK Ghassan Kassouf for being my right hand and always there ready to step in.  And finally, to you, Sir Knights welcome to the 4th Degree. 

It is truly my honour to serve as your District Master for Prince Edward Island.

Dan Miller

The following photo was submitted by Faithful Navigator of the Bishop MacEachern Assembly (Prince County) Sir Knight Louis Shea of those Knights who became 4th Degree Knights this past Saturday 12 March 2022 and were participating in the Virtual 4th Degree Exemplification from Tignish. 

They were part of the group of 17 PEI Knights who participated in the Virtual 4th Degree Exemplification in which 35 Knights from NB, NS and PEI were called to 4th Degree honours.  In the picture, the new Sir Knights from the Tignish area are wearing ceremonial baldrics that were donated to the  council by Lorna DesRoches in memory of Sir Knight Glen DesRoches.

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