Blankets Away!

When Grand Knight Dan Miller learned of the need for cozy blankets for the patients of one the units at the QEH from the wife of a Brother Knight who resides at the unit, he spoke with Ms. Celie Walsh-Gallison, Manager of the Unit, who confirmed that there was indeed a great need for blankets.

GK Dan then reached out to his brother knights at St. Pius X and explained the circumstance and sought their support in remedying the situation.

Within 90 minutes he had commitments for approximately 30 blankets, although only 18 were required and in less than 48 hours from notification and after his wife Phyllis laundered them, he was able to deliver them.

GK Dan, along with his wife Phyllis plus Jim Campbell, resident of the Unit and his wife Linda, had the pleasure of presenting these blankets to the Unit on behalf of the members of the St. Pius X Council.

It was indeed a special moment. Ms. Celie Walsh-Gallison, the Unit manager was most impressed with the generosity of the Knights and the speed in which they responded noting that she is well aware of the Knights of Columbus as her father too was a Knight and a Past Grand Knight at St. Joachim.

These blankets once distributed to the patients become their blankets to keep.

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