Knights in Action – Faith in Action


Created by Provincial Secretary Basil Favaro and presented with Provincial Warden Kyle MacNeill to the Winter Organizational Meeting  Jan. 12, 2019 


Through Faith, Family, Community and Life

PEI Knights of Columbus Council #99056


Last September 2018, a new program called Faith in Action was launched for the two million Knights of Columbus in over 14,000 Councils across North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.  What follows are an overview, guidelines and practical steps toward full implementation for our 21 PEI Councils.


The new model replaces Surge With Service, which had been in effect for 48 years since 1971.  Faith in Action encompasses what it means to be a Knight of Columbus.  It encapsulates four pathways to be a true Knight of Charity – Faith, Family, Community and Life.  These are all familiar to us as they were often at the heart of what we achieved in the past; but now, with this new model, they are more clearly defined and refined.  Faith in Action brings new clarity and focus to our work and should help us to promote our Order.


The four pathways now become the pillars or cornerstones for all 300,000 Knights across Canada.  As soon as the new model can be reasonably implemented, they also become the new focus for each monthly meeting of our 1900 Councils.  As well, they become the essence of each Council`s report to the Annual Provincial Convention.  In effect, they either replace or redefine the six components in the old model, namely Council, Church, Community, Youth, Family and Culture of Life.


It is important that each Grand Knight appoints Directors in each of the four areas, along with an overall Program Director and Membership Director, if they are not already in place.  Current Council Executive members may be keen to step into leadership roles.  Alternatively, the four new Director positions may be filled by dedicated Knights who are not currently holding Council leadership positions.


In the past, some Knights may have taken on numerous leadership roles simultaneously for their Council.   It is important in the new model that Councils try to fill each of the Director positions with different Knights to ensure that their Councils attend faithfully to all four areas and also that more voices are heard on key actions and projects.  Both the Grand Knight and Program Director are ex-officio members on the four Faith in Action teams.  They are also now responsible for encouraging every Council member to choose one of the four pathways as a focus for the current fraternal year and to work with his Director in that area.  As well, if they do not hold current Executive positions, the four Directors become an integral part of the Council Executive and are encouraged to take an active part in their meetings.


Now into our new calendar year, below are some guidelines and practical suggestions to implement fully Faith in Action.  Specific Supreme-recommended, featured and required programs are listed below for each pathway in the new model.  One of our goals for the second workshop on January 12, building on the success of the Summerside workshop on September 15, was to share and add examples of successful PEI projects to help us all to achieve full implementation by the end of the current fraternal year in June.  We couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.  Thanks to the direct and very creative input of 30 Brothers in North Rustico,  you will find 22 PEI Projects listed in this handout.  Councils can certainly add their own unique programs to the four lists.


The Program Director and four theme Directors are encouraged to contact fellow Knights to commit to one of the four areas and, if possible, to meet on occasion to put Faith, Family, Community and Life at the forefront of all Council activities.  Each Director is also responsible for updating the monthly Council meeting on the progress being made, either in person or through the Program Director.


Faith in Action – What it means on a practical everyday level

The Knights of Columbus offers a place for Catholic men to lead their families, parishes and wider communities in faith and service and to put their Faith into Action.  Together we can make a meaningful difference by focusing and expanding on any of the many Supreme and local projects listed below.

The new Faith in Action model empowers Catholic men from the age of 18 to come together to share faith, to celebrate fraternity with loved ones, and to do what we Knights do best — to stand shoulder to shoulder in service to the community and, in particular, to offer help to all those in our communities who are increasingly marginalized, including the those trying to survive in poverty, the elderly in need of companionship and support, persons with disabilities and special needs, refugees, and expectant moms and dads who may not enjoy warm loving support for bringing new life into the world.

On a practical level, the roles of Faith, Family, Community and Life Directors are not mutually exclusive and often their work will overlap.  For this reason the Program Director is encouraged to meet together with the four theme directors regularly in order to help them with the new program implementation.

The primary focus of each pathway is outlined below.  They include 22 dedicated local projects that have proven successful over the years and exciting new initiatives led by Councils across Prince Edward Island.  We hope to add more of our own projects to these lists as Faith in Action becomes fully implemented.

For additional information about the new Faith in Action program model, including answers to frequently asked questions, visit


 Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP)
• Into the Breach
• Marian Icon Prayer Program
• Building the Domestic Church Kiosk
• Rosary Program
• Spiritual Reflection Program (new)
• Holy Hour (new)
• Sacramental Gifts (new)
Food for Families
• Family of the Month/Year
• Keep Christ in Christmas (Poster Contest.)
• Family Fully Alive
• Family Week
• Consecration to the Holy Family
• Family Prayer Night (new)
• Good Friday Family Promotion (new)
• Coats for Kids
• Global Wheelchair Mission
• Habitat for Humanity

• Disaster Preparedness
• Free Throw Championship
• Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest
• Soccer Challenge
• Helping Hands (new)
• Marches for Life
• Special Olympics
• Ultrasound Program

• Christian Refugee Relief
• Silver Rose
• Mass for People with Special Needs (new)
• Pregnancy Center Support (new)
• Novena for Life (new)




  • Grow in faith and build a strong parish and Church,  
  • Help priests and religious in formation,
  • Honour Mary, Mother of God,
  • Engage in regular and sustained spiritual reflections, and
  • Promote parish religious education programs and activities.

Supreme recommended and featured projects that achieve these five Faith goals (see live website page  include:

Special Masses to commemorate the travelling icon across PEI                               Councils from October 2018 to April 2020.


PEI Council Faith Projects

  • Knights serving at Mass as lectors, Eucharistic ministers, altar servers, ushers, collectors; and in music liturgies (ideally in vests or KofC shirts)
  • Knights’ families hosting a Chalice to pray for vocations
  • Seven Mile Bay Fall Rosary Pilgrimage to the Canadian Martyrs
  • Council Keep Christ in Christmas Outdoor Nativity Scene Challenge
  • Council hosting Catechetical Program celebrations
  • Councils’ donations to their parish churches and pastoral units.


  • Strengthen families through faith and service,
  • Have special events for and with families,
  • Pray together with other faith-filled Catholic families through special events and religious services. And
  • Creating opportunities to bring families together through parish and community events.   

Projects that achieve these Family goals (see live website page include:

For every $500 or 1000 lbs of food to a parish or community food                          pantry, Supreme will give back $100 to a Council


PEI Council Family Projects

  • Family Sleigh Ride at Potts Farm for all parishioners
  • Council-hosted Meet and Greets with refreshments after Mass
  • Council-sponsored Family Games Nights
  • Council-organized Parish Picnics.
  • Council donations to St. Vincent de Paul Pantry and Free Clothing Store
  • Family-to-Family Furniture and Appliance Giveaway



  • Make a powerful difference in your community,
  • Help those less fortunate with the basic human needs of clothing, shelter, mobility and compassion, and
  • Reach out to all those who are marginalized in any way.

Projects that achieve these Community goals (see live website page include: :

  • Coats for Kids
  • Global Wheelchair Mission
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Basketball Free Throw Championship
  • Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest
  • Soccer Challenge
  • Helping Hands (New and Required)

            Caring for people who are disadvantaged in the local community


PEI Council Community Projects

  • Socks and Underwear Project donations for children and adults in need.
  • Fundraising Breakfasts, Brunches and Dinners for community charities
  • Council Valentine’s Dinner for Widows and Widowers
  • Summer Barbecue fundraisers for Coats for Kids, Christmas Food Baskets and people in need (oil, rent, home repairs, hospital transport)
  • Council lunches and dinners at the Upper Room Hospitality Ministry for individuals and families who are marginalized and in need.
  • Ecumenical Sunday Sunrise Service
  • Clothing donations to Mikinduri Children of Hope in Eastern Province, Kenya


  • Create a culture of life,
  • Assist pregnant women in need,
  • Care for the elderly,
  • Honour and respect people with disabilities, and
  • Empower those with special needs to realize their full potential.

Projects that achieve these Life goals (live website page ) include:

          Promote a 9 day novena to build a culture of life in our parishes, homes and                     wider community.


PEI Council Life Projects

  • Donations to Anderson House Emergency Shelter for Women and Children and Catholic Family Services Walk to Defeat Depression.
  • Donations to Birthright PEI for moms dealing with Distressed or untimely pregnancies
  • Donations to Lennon Recovery House for those living with addictions and subsequent mental illness.
  • Council contributions to Special Olympics including the PEI June Fundraising Gala Dinner
  • Knights sing-alongs at Andrew’s Senior Community Care / Nursing Home
  • Concert fundraiser for the PEI Council for Persons with Disabilities


Practical Tips to Guide Grand Knight in implementing Faith in Action.

The following are intended to help the Grand Knight to appoint any of the six Directorships that are not already in place – Membership, Program, Faith, Family, Community and Life Directors:


  1. For a summary of the new Faith in Action roles and responsibilities


  1. For descriptions of Supreme sanctioned projects in each of the four pathways, see


  1. For descriptions of PEI Council projects already underway un each of the four pathways, see the summary to be developed from the brainstorming at our January Organizational Meeting and emailed to all Grand Knights and Deputies by the State Secretary.


  1. In the past, some Councils have had different Directors for each of the six Surge With Service areas including Council, Youth, and Church. Others added Directors or had sub committees for  Social, Vocations and Public Relations.  These Directorships are now removed from the Annual Council Service Personnel Program Report.  Brothers who served in the past in any of these capacities are most certainly eligible to serve in any of the four new Faith in Action Director positions.


  1. Any of the above personnel positions now removed from the Service Program can become sub-committee positions with the Chair reporting directly to the specific Program Director under which they now fall. For example a Vocations Committee whose chair would report to the Faith Director or a Youth Committee which would report to the Family Director.


  1. In the past the Council Chaplain has sometimes been listed as the Faith Director. In the new Faith in Action model, the Knight who is named Faith Director works closely with the Pastor and Council Chaplain and reports to him/them on a regular basis. The Faith Director continues throughout the year the dialogue with the Pastor initiated by the Grand Knight early in the fraternal year, asking how the Council can better serve him and the Parish community.  Ideally, this should happen at least twice a year.


  1. All Directors should keep accurate records of the Council’s specific programs for which they are responsible and report them to the Program Director.


  1. All Directors provide the Council’s Public Relations Chair with regular updated information on their respective programs and activities for promotion to the parish and local media.


  1. All six Council Directors must complete all required safe environment training and adhere to the policies of the K of C Safe Environment Program.


Council Directors – New Specific Roles and Responsibilities


Council Program Director


The Council Program Director is appointed annually by the Grand Knight. He is recognized by his Council Brothers for his leadership and activism in the overall life of the Council.  He is responsible for providing the Council Executive with guidance and direction needed for success in implementinig the  four Faith in Action pathways.


Specifically, the primary duties of the Program Director include:


  1. To meet with the Grand Knight to set the calendar of Faith, Family, Community and Life activities for the fraternal year and to keep the Grand Knight informed of all initiatives in each of these.
  2. To meet as a group with his team of four directors – Faith, Family, Community and Life – once they are named, and to guide them individually and together throughout the fraternal year.
  3. To work to ensure that every Council member is actively involved in at least one pathway each fraternal year.
  4. To submit a Summary Council Report to the Grand Knight in time for the Annual Convention. The four-pronged Faith in Action Program becomes the essence of each Council Report to the Provincial Convention and the new required reports to Supreme.  They are the annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (Form 1728),  Fraternal Programs Report (Form 10784) and the Columbian Award
    Report (SP7).
  5. To remind each of the four Directors of his responsibility for monthly and annual Council reports in their respective Faith in Action areas.
  6. To keep accurate records for reporting on the above.
  7. To give an overall progress report and call upon each Director to give a report to each monthly Council meeting. Also to present their report if     they cannot make the meeting.
  8. To explore proactively opportunities for inter-Council program collaborations.


Council Faith Director

The Council Faith Director is appointed by the Grand Knight in consultation with the Program Director and reports directly to the Program Director. He is a Knight who is recognized by his Council Brothers as an exemplar of Catholic Faith.  His primary responsibility is to lead discussions and planning for all faith formation activities for the Council.  He attends Mass regularly and serves actively in one or more of the many parish liturgical ministries.


Specifically his duties are:


  1. To plan, coordinate and promote the new Spiritual Reflection program.
  2. To work with his team of Brothers in supporting and promoting vocations, parochial services and religious devotions.
  3. To meet regularly with the Pastor and Council Chaplain to continue the discussions initiated by the Grand Knight at the start of the fraternal year around how the Council can better serve the Pastoral Unit’s faith communities.  A positive and proactive relationship with the Pastor / Chaplain is key to his successful service as Faith Director.
  4. To promote membership in the Father Michael J McGivney Guild and the cause for his canonization.
  5. To work toward the creation of new round tables in satellite parishes connected to a main parish in which his Council resides. It takes only one member to constitute a Round Table and the Grand Knight of the sponsor Council to complete form #2629 for each round table in the parish cluster.
  6. To work with his team in planning and carrying out the Supreme Family-recommended and required programs listed below, or any other specific Council Faith-based programs, in consultation with the Pastor and Council Chaplain.


Council Family Director

The Family Director focuses on the key areas listed above.  He is appointed by the Grand Knight in consultation with the Program Director and reports directly to the Program Director.  His primary responsibility is to strengthen and nourish wholesome family life through planning and implementing inter-generational activities with and for families throughout the Pastoral Unit.


The Family Director is recognized by his Council Brothers for his leadership in promoting Christian family life and active participation with his family in Council and Parish events.  For example, announcing the annual Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Challenge for all 5-14 year old children in mid-November and coordinating the collecting and judging the entries and announcing the winning entries in the Christmas bulletin.


Specific responsibilities include the following:

To work with his team in planning and carrying out the Supreme required Family-recommended and required programs listed below or any other family-oriented programs initiated by the Council.



Specific responsibilities include the following:


To work with his team in planning and carrying out the Supreme Family- required Consecration of the Holy Family Prayer Program and other family-oriented programs initiated by the Council.


          Council Community Director

          The Community Director focuses on the key areas listed above.  He is appointed by the Grand Knight in consultation with the Program Director and reports directly to the Program Director.  He is a Knight who is          recognized by his Council for his leadership and activism in both the parish        and the wider community.  He is also a Knight with a strong record in or new visions toward establishing and nurturing community partnerships.


He works directly with his team in planning and carrying out community-based activities.  For example, the annual Coats for Kids Project in November through the local schools or other community agencies and the Basketball Free Throw Challenge early in January so that his Council winners can move up to District and State competitions.  Because of the outreach nature of this pathway, many Council fundraising initiatives will come under the Community Director.


His specific responsibilities include the following:


To involve fellow Brothers in working as a team and     coordinating          the Supreme required Helping Hands Program involving caring for one or more groups who are disadvantaged in the community –

persons who are homeless, suffering from additions, the elderly in need      of companionship and assistance.  He also directs local community         initiatives for which the Knights in his Council are well known.


Council Life Director

The Life Director focuses on the key areas listed above.  He is appointed by the Grand Knight in consultation with the Program Director and reports directly to the Program Director.  He is a Knight who is recognized by his council Brothers for his inspirational leadership in respecting and supporting the sanctity and dignity of human life in all stages and in all conditions.  His primary responsibility is for Life-Affirming Activities that may be directed his way by the Council Chaplain, Grand Knight and Council or State Executive.

For example, encouraging his Council to plan and facilitate a Mass for Persons with Disabilities, to visit people in special care facilities, to provide comfort for people who are marginalized, to encourage Brother Knights to the corporate tables at the annual PEI Special Olympics Fundraising Gala Dinner in June.

His specific responsibilities include working with his Life team in implementing the new Supreme required Novena for Life.  This involves 9 days of sustained prayer to build up a culture of life in the parishes in his Pastoral Unit, and also homes and the wider community.

He also leads and encourages other Council initiated programs that support and encourage the advancement of the pro-life movement, persons with intellectual and physical disabilities, and people who are persecuted.


Council Membership Director

The Council Membership Director is appointed annually by the Grand Knight. His primary responsibility is to oversee recruitment and retention for his Council as well as insurance promotion.  His specific duties are the following:


  1. To work with the Grand Knight in setting the calendar of recruitment activities and event for the fraternal year.


  1. To guide the recruitment and retention committees and the insurance promotion chairman as they implement the Council`s Membership Growth Promotion.


  1. To plan and facilitate recruitment pitches in parishes served by his Council.


  1. To ensure that Membership Applications (#100) are transmitted by the Financial Secretary to the Supreme Membership Records Department.
  2. To invite the Insurance Field Agent to Council meetings and arrange for opportunities for him to address any questions or concerns that may arise.



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