An Invitation to all Knights on PEI

Hello Jazz,

First I would like to invite you as the provincial state deputy of the Knights to attend the 25th anniversary of the existence of Birthright in Charlottetown on April 22 at the Murphy community centre from 1 to 3 pm.

We also wondered if you were able to contact electronically all the council members as supporters of Birthright over the last 25 years.

That would be fabulous if you’d be able to do that.

Thanks, Jazz, and hope to see you there and your beautiful wife Yvonne!

Elaine, Planning Committee Chair

Spring Fish Bake at Stratford

salmon-dish-food-meal-46239.jpegMenu includes:

6 oz. portion of Baked Haddock, Mashed Potatoes,

Vegetables, Roll, Tea/Coffee, Dessert.

Friday, April 27



Proceeds in aid of local charities

Co-sponsored by Assumption Councils

Catholic Women’s League


Knights of Columbus

Serving from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Take-Outs also available

Cost: $12 per plate

Tickets available — IN ADVANCE ONLY

Assumption Church office @ 902-569-4769

After weekend Masses

or call:

Joseph Hébert @ 902-569-2762

Mary MacLean @ 902-569-4308

or any member of the Knights and CWL

Dipping Ice Cream for Special Olympics

One of the many groups that the PEI Knights of Columbus support is Special Olympics Prince Edward Island.

George Deviat, Grand Knight of the TP Butler Council in Morell sent in this photo of himself (left), Vic Negus from Kensington (center), and Tommy Vail from Morell (right) taking a short break from dipping ADL ice cream at the PEI Home Show in Charlottetown.

The show was held from March 9 to 11 at the Eastlink Centre and many Knights volunteered their time to this worthy cause.

Easter Sunrise Service in Stratford

The Assumption Council of the Knights of Columbus in Stratford will be having their 22nd Annual Easter Sunrise Ecumenical Service, Easter Sunday morning, April 1st, under the canopy of Our Lady of the Assumption Church, 145 Stratford Road, Stratford.  Assembling at 6:40 am for service at 6:52 am.  (20-25 minutes).  Sun rises at 6:52 am.  Welcome, scripture readings, reflection, and song.  Coffee, fellowship, treats, etc. to follow in the Parish Centre.  A sincere and warm welcome to everyone from all faiths and congregations.

Knights of Columbus Foreign Mission Fund for 35 Years

September 2018 will mark 35 years since the establishment of the Knights of Columbus Foreign Mission Fund (FMF) and a truly remarkable record of support to seminarians and religious in foreign missions, particularly India. And with many Indian priests now serving PEI Parishes, the modest aspirations of the project in 1983 have come full circle. The FMF began by helping the seminarians in India and now graduates of these same seminaries serve throughout the Diocese of Charlottetown.

In the past 35 years over 100 seminarians and 100 aspirants (religious sisters) have received support through to graduation and ordination. In 2018 the FMF is supporting 30 seminarians at three seminaries in India. This financial support covers all costs for education and room & board. The FMF provides this support from the earnings of a capital fund that has been built up over the past 35 years.

David Abbott, Treasurer – K of C Foreign Mission Fund (second left) is pleased to accept donations totaling $1,100 from Mike White, Our Lady of Fatima – Council #824, Albert Bryanton, Fr. George Belcourt – Assembly #1867 and Vern Buote, Rev J. Douglas McNeill – Council #9025.

The FMF is administered by a Board of Knights of Columbus members from across PEI. Current President Ralph Dunn is delighted with the support of Brother Knights like the members shown above. Together with his executive and advisors, Fr. Augustine Ignasimuthu and Fr. Raju Chebattina, President Dunn has guided the FMF over the past several years to the point where 5 or 6 seminarians are ordained annually in India. On a recent visit to India, Bishop Richard Grecco visited one of the supported seminaries and met with recently ordained priests assisted by the FMF. Bishop Grecco was pleased to witness first hand the fruit borne from the efforts of the PEI Knights of Columbus.

Donations in support of our mission are always appreciated. And as a charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, all donations will receive a tax receipt. The FMF mailing address is P.O. Box 3055, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1N9.

Recruitment Incentive Awards & Exemplification Schedule for Year  2017 – 2018

State Council Executive have announced a New Recruitment Cash Awards for the last quarter of this fraternal year.  Fraternal Year is from 01 Apr 2017 to 30 Jun 2018

If successful quarterly awards will be carried over to include next fraternal year 01 Apr. 2018 to 30 Jun 2019

For a PDF of this information click here: Incentive cash awards

Recruitment Incentive awards


01 Apr – 30 Jun

Frat Year – 2017/18

State   1st      – $200

State   2nd    –  $100

State   3rd     –  $ 50


01 Jul – 30 Sep

Frat year 2018/19

01 Oct – 31 Dec

Frat. Year 2018/19

01 Jan – 31 Mar

Frat year 2018/19

01 Apr – 30 Jun

Frat. Year 2018/19


State   1st      – $200

State   2nd    –  $100

State   3rd     –  $ 50          

State   1st     – $200

State   2nd    –  $100

State   3rd     –  $ 50          

State   1st      – $200

State   2nd    –  $100

State   3rd     –  $ 50          

State   1st      – $200

State   2nd    –  $100

State   3rd     –  $ 50           


Based on percentage of council membership quota obtained for quarter.


Quotas obtained in one Quarter will be reduced to zero for next quarter.

Encourage Winning councils to reward  their recruiters.

Trial test for the last Quarter 01 Apr to 30 Jun 2018.

If successful  this incentive award would be carried out for a full fraternal year.







Exemplification Schedule for Year  2017 –  2018


Suggested time Frame – 3rd weekend in Month

First Degree (ADMISSION) – District 1 and 2


Date Location Team DVD   Date Location Team DVD
Jul 2017 D1- 7791 Tignish                                    Jan 2018 D1 – 13143 Bloomfield                    
Aug 2017 D2 – 2070 Summerside       Feb 2018 D2 – 12465 Kensington    
Sep 2017 D1 – 8333 Alberton                                 Mar 2018 D1- 7791 Tignish                                   
Oct 2017 D2 – 6945  7 mile Bay       Apr 2018 D2 – 14530 Wellington    
Nov 2017 D1 – 8966 Palmer RD                           May 2018 D1 – 8333 Alberton                              
Dec 2017 D2 – 9025 North Rustico       Jun 2018 D2 – 2070 Summerside    


First Degree (ADMISSION) – District 3 and 4

Date Location Team DVD   Date Location Team DVD
Jul 2017 D5- 8348 Cove Head                                      Jan 2018 D5 – 7748 Holy Redeemer                              
Aug 2017 D4 –  2193 Souris       Feb 2018 D4 – 7617 Morell    
Sep 2017 D3 – Stratford       Mar 2018 D3 – 7105 Vernon River                                   
Oct 2017 D5 – 0824 St. Dunstan’s                          Apr 2018 D5 – 10808 Cornwall    
Nov 2017 D4 – 7274 – Montague       May 2018 D4 – 8849 Iona                              
Dec 2017 D3 – 6917 St. Pius X                            Jun 2018 D3 – Fort Augustus    

Membership Committee consists of:

Jazz Poirier (ex officio)              

Basil Favaro (DD#5)                   

Kyle MacNeill                               

Fr. Albin Arsenault                      



Exemplification Schedule for Year  2017 –  2018



Date Location Team DVD   Date Location Team DVD
Jul 2017 D2 – Summerside       Jan 2018 D2 – Summerside    
Aug 2017         Feb 2018      
Sep 2017 D4 – 7617 Morell       Mar 2018 D4 – 7617 Morell    
Oct 2017         Apr 2018      
Nov 2017 D3 – 6917 St. Pius X                            May 2018 D3 – 6917 St. Pius X                         
Dec 2017         Jun 2018      



JUL/2018 AUG/2018 SEP/2018 OCT/2017 NOV/2017 DEC/2017


JAN/2018 FEB/2018 MAR/2018 APR/2018 MAY/2018 JUN/2018  
St. Pius X

Council Rooms

St. Pius X

Council Rooms


  1. May combined 2nd and 3rd Degree Ceremony dates.
  2. If no candidates for these ceremonies, suggest a training exercise be held.
  3. District Deputies to notify the State Ceremonial Officer or State Deputy of date Chosen.
  4. State Ceremonial officer or State Deputy will notify all Councils.
  5. District Deputy #3 Richard Allen has volunteer to help all DD’s in training and participation in Ceremonials




Knights of Columbus Brunch in Morell

George Deviat, Grand Knight of the TP Butler Council sent in these photos and a report about the Brunch they held last weekend.

We had many families from the Holy Trinity Pastoral Unit and the local United Church.

Also attending were Knights from Souris and Vernon River.

All proceeds were donated to Special Olympics PEI.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Keep Christ in Christmas Winners Anounced

Congratulations to the winners and finalists in our Knights of Columbus Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Challenge.

First place prizes went to Kian Gill (age 6) and George Woods (9) submitted to Kensington Council #12465, and Lexi Kowalchuk (14) through Cornwall Council #10808.

Their posters along with runners-up, Layla Full (5) and Luke McGillivray (7) from St. Anne’s Emyvale, Jacob Bernard (9) from Holy Family Parish Kensington, and Tasha Kowalchuk (11) from St. Francis of Assisi Parish Cornwall, will be sent to Supreme Office in Connecticut for the International Competition.

Special thanks to Darren Cash, Kyle MacNeil and Basil Favaro for organizing and orchestrating this special KofC project and to all the judges.

‘Thank you to all children and youth who submitted entries this year for your creativity, inspiration and vision. You are all winners!’  

Pre-Lenten Pancake Brunch

The Morell Knights of Columbus Present the thirteenth annual Pre-Lenten pancake brunch

All proceeds will be donated to PEI special Olympics

Date: Sunday, 4 February 2018 Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Location: Morell Regional High School

MENU Pancakes Sausages Juice/Milk Tea/Coffee

Cost: Goodwill Donation

Sponsored by The Morell CO-OP